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        Company profile


        Company profile
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        Our company established in 1992. Linyi City Man-made Board Machinery Graduate School is located in our company. The outfit of Tianli brand man-made board equipment (it has been registered trade mark) is our honored product. 
          Lying in the national biggest man-made board producing base, the famous business city--- Northwest of Linyi City, Shandong Province, our company enjoys superior geographical position and the traffic is also convenient. It is at a distance of only six kilometers to the exit of Jinghu Express- way in Linyi and is not more than fifteen kilometers to Linyi Railway Station and is about twenty kilometers to Linyi Airport.
          Covering an area of 65,200 square meters and first area of 16,000 square meters, with fixed asset of 8 million ¥ it has ten senior and secondary technicians and complete machinery processing equipments such as frame mill, lathe, planer, mill, grinding machine, drill press, etc.
          After ten years' research and development since 1992 when our company began to produce the outfit of Tianli brand man-made board equipment, our products have been formed ten series including more than fifty species---such as second covering hot press, man-made board hot press, pre-press, bamboo and straw mat flatting machine, bending wood hot press, spreading machine, fringe sawing machine, hydraulic elevator, flakeboard drying machine, mixing glue machine, etc. Till now it has produced five thousand sets of all kinds of equipments.
          According to the enterprise spirit of "managing business respectfully and treating people sincerely" and the marketing tenet of "establishing credit standing with quality and seeking market with service", we have become Tianli brand man-made board equipment the first famous brand in Lunan and Subei. For many years our products were continuously appraised the recommended products by Quality Inspection Section of Linyi Technology Supervising Bureau. 
          As one of our main products, 10-15 layers of microcomputer controlling frame man-made hot press, its key part adopts the advanced element imported from West Germany and Japan and its lubricant pump and hot pressing board adopts the products of regular factory in Shanghai. This insures the super quality of our products and the security of running. In 1999 the hot press passed through the inspection of Linyi Science Committee and become advanced products of the same trade in the whole country.
          With good quality and circumspect after service, our main product 5-15 layers of man-made frame hot press has enjoyed good reputation of many users and occupied market 60% of Linyi. At the same time they sell well in more than twenty provinces, cities, municipalities and are exported to many foreign countries.
          What we seek is "using super quality to convulse people; using circumspect service to move people; using economical price to attract people". We will continuously introduce foreign advanced equipment and learn from board machine industry at home and abroad. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with theFamousForestAcademyand provide equipments with super quality and economical price for man-made wood materials industries.

         Tianli brand man-made board machinery will make more benefit for more friends.
         Tianli brand man-made board machinery will increase riches for you for ever.

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