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        Automatic CNC vertical and horizontal sawing machine
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        Automatic CNC vertical and horizontal sawing machine

        Products introduction:

        This product is suitable for plywood cutting edge technology, has five characteristics: precise, efficient, energy-saving, labor-saving, environmental protection. This machine adopts CNC intelligent design, the blade can be automatically adjusted according to the situation sawing speed,  while achieving automated stacking and scrap clear, safe and convenient operation, smooth running, low noise; high quality surface automatic sawing, do not fight side, timber size standard; dramatically improve productivity, its comprehensive benefits are considerable. 

        Tianli brand CNC automatic sawing machine, excellent quality, ease to use, is the ideal choice for every customer's.

        Device characteristics:

        1.The body is made of high quality steel processing, high stability;

        2.The operating system controlled by PLC precise, perfectly intelligent cutting and automation Palletizing, saving labor;

        3.The main electrical parts are "Omron", "Schneider" and other well-known brands, safety 

        4.High-precision  rails and high-strength infrared positioning, high cutting precision, diagonal error ≤ 0.5mm;

        5.Using pre-board device, only two operations, one class production of up to 3000 to 4000(16mm thickness), energy efficient;

        6.With waste removal mechanism, automatically remove cutting scrap;

        7.Special strong dust removal device, a good dusting  effect.

        Processing breadth
        Diameter of the largest saw
        Ф250~Ф315 mm
        Thickness of the Sawing board
        350 mm
        Rotational speed of the main saw
        6500-7000 r/pm
        Overall Dimensions
        8500×5500×1020 mm
        Machine Weight
        Total power

        Note: with one hydaulic lift platform and automatic stacking device.

        Pre-board equipment

        Clear scrap equipment

        High precision abrasion rail

        Automatic stacking equipment

        Electronic control system

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